EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 24.11.2020

Apart from ice hockey, figure skating is developing well in Novomoskovsk!

Sportsmen of the Viktoria Children's and Youth Sports School, who train in the figure skating department (coach Elena Istomina), took part in two away competitions last weekend. The first one took place in Obninsk - the championship of the Kaluga region. The second - in the city of Oryol (championship of the Oryol region).

Young athletes performed according to various standards. So, according to the standard "Young figure skater" Evangelina Kashentseva and Ivan Cherepov performed. Simakova Polina, Litke Victoria, Kukhtina Daria, Lavrukhina Miraslava and Sereda Margarita performed in the 3rd,2nd and 1st junior categories. Afanaskina Arina, Valentinova Maria, Plaksina Milana, Cherepova Elena, Cherepova Marya represented the 3rd sports category. The 2nd sports category was respresented by Dasha Shcherbakova, Anastasia Avdievskaya, Evelina Telkova perfomed in the 1st category.

In addition, Arina Afanaskina took the 2nd place.

Despite the long non-competition period due to the quarantine, the representatives of the Novomoskovsk figure skating school performed very well. A number of athletes managed to defend youth and sports categories:

- Kashentseva Evangelina - Junior figure skater norm;

- Polina Simakova - third youth category

- Lavrukhina Miraslava and Sereda Margarita - the first youth category

- Afanaskina Arina - the third sports category.

We join in congratulating young skaters on the successful performances!