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In Novomoskovsk, hockey battles of yard teams from all over the region took place

The tournament participants came from various parts of the Tula region - from the north to the south, that is, from the team from the town of Efremov to the team from the town of Aleksin.

Last weekend in Novomoskovsk, which since 2011 (with the appearance of the Yubileiny ice palace here) has been one of the centers for the development of children's hockey, the Cup of the Tula Region Ice Hockey Federation was played among courtyard teams. Competitions were held at the third ice arena, called "Open".

The final games took place on Sunday 15 November. A day earlier, on November 14, young hockey players born in 2008-2009 met on the ice. On that day, the settlement Schwartz team “Dream” won. The second place was taken by the hockey players from Kimovsk, the bronze went to Sokol from the center.

In the final round of the Tula Region Hockey Federation Cup, which took place on Sunday, teams born in 2010-11 fought on the ice. Among the participants, as mentioned at the beginning, there were teams from all over the Tula region:

- HC "Chemist" from the town of Efremov;

- HC "Sokol" from the town of Uzlovaya;

- HC "Dream" from the village of Shvartsevsky, Kireevsky district;

- HC "Matyash Junior" from the city of Tula;

- HC "Victoria" from the town of Novomoskovsk;

- HC "Gips", Novomoskovsk;

- HC "Kireevsk", the town of Kireevsk.


Here is what Nikolai Ivashkov, Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of the Tula Region Hockey Federation, said:

“We finished the three-day marathon with the games of the youngest participants of the competition - these are guys born in 2010-11. The courtyard teams that met at our tournament were formed quite recently. These are the Oka team from Aleksin, the Gips team from Novomoskovsk, as well as the teams from the cities of Uzlovaya and Efremov. We see how bravely the guys played hockey. Even though some are still very bad at skating, they want to play hockey and the Ice Hockey Federation of our region helps them in this! "

According to the Tula Region Hockey Federation, this was the first experience in the competition for the players of HC Gips and HC Kireevsk. Young hockey players showed all their skills and made every effort to become winners. All teams fought for every goal scored into the opponent's goal. The matches were played out serious, until the last seconds it was almost impossible to determine who would win.


According to the results of the competition, the prize places were distributed as follows:

- 4th place was taken by the Oka team from Aleksin.

- 3rd place was taken by the team "Chemist" from the town of Efremov. For this, the guys were awarded a certificate for floorball equipment - these are clubs and balls for each player.

- The second place was taken by the Sokol team from the town of Uzlovaya. The team was awarded a certificate for balls and sports drinkers for each player.

- The owner of the "Cup of the Tula Region Ice Hockey Federation" was the team "Dream" from the village of Shvartsevsky. The organizers presented the children with a certificate for roller skates for each participant.

As the information agency “For Novomoskovsk” was informed in the press service of the Ice Hockey Federation of the Tula Region, “… The Federation expresses gratitude to all the participants of the competition for the beautiful hockey, support and emotions! Thank you for being with us that day! "

The main sponsor of the sports event was Polyplast Novomoskovsk LLC. The tournament was held with the support of the Government of the Tula Region.